Zombies? Here?!

Given by

Hawken in Trouble in Forest Haven


Destroy one (1) ZOMBIE!

Items needed

1 Zombie

Starting dungeon

Trouble in Forest Haven

Turn in to

Hawken in Trouble in Forest Haven




None (first quest)


All My Cool Stuff


Forest Haven

In this quest you encounter Hawken who says:

When I first got here I was expecting to find a bunch of town-folk ready to buy my wares... but instead I find this place crammed with zombies! Don't believe me? Go check it out for yourself. Locate one (1) zombie... destroy him and return to me for a big 'I told you so!'... and some coin for your trouble.

Once completed he tells you:

You see! I told you so! Zombies are everywhere! They're going to make it really, really hard for me to get all of my stuff back... forget about escaping back to towne un-scathed! Maybe you can help me with that too?

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