The Spring Chicken was an NPC introduced as part of the 2011 Easter Event.

He gave one quest, Spring Bunny Ears Hunt:

Hello good friend. Perhaps you would like to take part in the Spring Bunny Ears Hunt! It is simple, just find all 13 different types of Bunny Ears and return to me when you are done. To get Bunny Ears you just need to wave at someone wearing a corresponding set of Rabbit Ears. Most types of Rabbit Ears can be purchased in the store but three types must be found on boss mobs out in the world!

The thirteen Bunny Ears and Rabbit Ears were color coded: black, blue, bone, brown, flame, green, grey, ice, orange, pink, purple, red, white and yellow. All the Rabbit Ears except bone, flame and ice could be bought from the Platinum Store for 15 Platinum each.

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