States are Used to make your character stronger. They are increased by skills, the three base stats, equipment and Elixirs.


STR: Most increases on Dodge, Health, Health Regen (Health/second); increases skill damage for Warrior.


DEX: Most increases on Hit%, Crit, Damage, DPS; increases skill damage for Archer.


INT: Most increases on Mana, Mana Regen (Mana/second); increases skill damage for Enchantress.

Hit ChanceEdit

Hit%: Percent chance you will hit an enemy.

For example, a hit% of 40 means you have a 40% to hit an enemy (excluding their innate Dodge capabilities). Do note that there is a probable cap on hit%, meaning that a hit% over 100 doesn't mean you are guaranteed to hit an enemy 100% of the time.

Critical Hit ChanceEdit

Crit: Percent chance of you critically hitting an enemy. Both your normal attacks and skills can cause critical damage, and like Hit%, the higher the number the more likely you'll critical an enemy. Critically hitting an enemy will cause you to do double your intended damage.

Dodge ChanceEdit

Dodge: Percent chance that you will dodge an enemy attack.

Health and Health RegainEdit

Health: Your standard pool of health.

Regen (Health Regen aka H/s): The amount of health automatically healed per second.

Mana and Mana RegainEdit

Mana: Your standard pool of mana.

Regen (Mana Regen aka M/s): The amount of mana automatically regenerated per second.

Damage and DPSEdit

Damage: Damage range of your normal attack, influenced by your main stat (STR, DEX, INT) as well as equips. Note that you will not be doing the exact damage range shown in this window because enemies have armor that decreases your damage. Therefore, your effective damage, or damage seen when you hit an enemy, is [effective damage = damage - enemy armor].

DPS: Amount of damage dealt per second. This is a function of damage and weapon speed, but does not take into account enemy armor.


Armor: Your defense against enemy attack. Every one armor point is equivalent to one less damage an enemy will do to you. Note that enemy's have a "minimum amount of damage" they are able to do to you - regardless of how much armor you have. This armor value is different for all enemies across all campaigns.


Speed: How fast your character moves. Can only be increased by elixirs.

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