Bird equipped with Raid Roach Recurve Set

Raid Roach Recurve Set is an item set available for level 55 characters and above. It consists of a Raid Roach's Gemstone Cap, Raid Roach's Gemstone Leather and a Raid Roach's Gemstone Recurve all of which are found in Balefort Sewers dungeons. It is one of three "Raid Roach" sets, the others being Raid Roach Auto-Bow Set and Raid Roach Talon Set. The items in this set can be crafted to form the Customized Recurve Set.


The set bonus applies when the following items are equipped:

Helmet Raid Roach's Gemstone Cap
Weapon Raid Roach's Gemstone Recurve
Armor Raid Roach's Gemstone Leather
Shield None


The bonus gained when equipping all the items in the set is:

str dex int hit crit dodge health h/s mana m/s damage armor
        +2%     +4   +4 +4  

Total bonuses including those from equipped items:

item str dex int hit crit dodge health h/s mana m/s damage armor
Helmet   +12   +12% +10%           +6 +21
Weapon   +12   +12% +10%             +5
Armor   +12   +12% +10%           +6 +46
Set         +2%     +4   +4 +4  
Totals   +36   +36 +32     +4   +4 +16 +72

Combat Stats

The following table shows the expected stats for a level 55 archer equipping this weapon:

Player stats Calculated combat stats
str dex int hit crit dodge h/s m/s damage dps DPM ZPM
2 277 1 151% 43% 5% 7 4 222 - 273 275 23781 74.32


  • DPM = Average damage per minute
  • ZPM = Zombies per minute - theoretical average number of zombies killed in one minute (assuming health of 320, ignoring dodge and armor)

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