Paladin Base: 7 Str 1 Dex 2 Int

Icon Name Level Description Cost (Mana)
Charge!! Charge!! 2

The Paladin charges their opponent, doing thunderous splash damage +knockback.

Rhinomight Rhino Might 4

The Rhino flexes his might, doing damage to those around him with a chance to debuff enemies health regen and possibly stun them.

Restore Restore 6

The Paladin heals himself and those around him. This healing force lingers over the Paladin, increasing his health regeneration for a short time.

Redemption Redemption


The Paladin strikes out, damaging his foe and simultaneously recovering his health. Combo this ability after Charge!! for increased effectiveness.

Bruteforce Brute Force 10

The Paladin imbues his party members with Brute Force, allowing them to withstand their enemies onslaught (Party Armor buff, Self dodge buff).

Divineaura Divine Aura 12

The Paladin radiates with a divine aura, increasing their mana regeneration.

Summon Summon 14

The Paladin commands the attention (Taunt) of foes that face him, drawing them to within range of his blade.

Guardian Guardian 16

The Rhino summons a guardian bird that looks over the Paladin and nearby party members for a short period of time. The Guarding will cure negative effects and provides the Paladin with an armor and dodge buff.

Vitalforce Vital Force 18

The Paladin imbues his party members with Vital Force, helping them to land true blows against those that stand before them (Party damage buff, Self hit and crit buff).

Holytempest Holy Tempest 20

The Paladin surrounds himself in a Tempest, damaging and debuffing nearby foes.

Reincarnate Reincarnate 22

The Paladin restores fallen party members back to their feet.

Stoneskin Stone Skin 24

The Paladin bolsters his armor for a short period, ready to withstand heavy blows.