Picture Name Location(s)
Unknown Entity

Crush the Keeper!
Aldo Aldo Snowpeak Base Camp
Amira Amira Traders Haven
Arnold Arnold Fort Blackstone
Arthur Arthur Fort Blackstone
Artie Artie Fort Blackstone
Bennu the Trader Bennu the Trader Traders Haven
Burke the Blacksmith Burke the Blacksmith Traders Haven
Bufford McCroc Lake Louie
Capt. Beizo Sad Little Knights
Captain Burthis Captain Burthis Lake Louie
Cletus Scalefield Lake Louie
Clementine Scalefield Lake Louie
Commander Blackhawk Commander Blackhawk Fort Blackstone
Dak Dak Bone Castle
Darada Darada Fort Blackstone
Daria Bone Castle
Dom Dom Snowpeak Base Camp
Ebeth-face Ebeth A Strange Find
Ekai Ekai Fort Blackstone
Ellie the Enchantress Ellie the Enchantress Traders Haven
Emil Emil Traders Haven, Fort Blackstone
Ethan Ethan Traders Haven
Fab The Road of Bones
Gobi Gobi Traders Haven
Hawken Hawken Trouble in Forest Haven, Mission Accomplished
Jack Jack Lake Louie
Jackson Jackson Ursan Weald
Jasel Jasel Lake Louie
Kable-face Kable Deeper Shade of Pain
Klutch Klutch Zombie Invasion
Kneil Kneil Fort Blackstone
Kouma Kouma Fort Blackstone
Krowe Krowe Ursan Weald
Lauryn Lauryn Fort Blackstone
Leeha Leeha Traders Haven
Lem McCroc Lake Louie
Mae Love Conquers All?
Bone Pile Le Chomp!
Mariah Desert Marauders
Marlon Marlon Ursan Weald
Mister Marrow Bring on the Pain
Old Crone Lake Louie
Ozz the Merchant Ozz the Merchant Traders Haven
Pras Pras Fort Blackstone
Pvt. Punch The King of Pain
Queen's Guard Queen's Guard Lake Louie
Ranger Ranger Fort Blackstone
Raol Raol Ursan Weald
Remus Remus Ursan Weald
Rob Rob The Road of Bones
Rolfe Rolfe Fort Blackstone
Romulus Romulus Ursan Weald
Rori Rori Traders Haven
Royal Magician Royal Magician Fort Blackstone
Ryom Ryom Snowpeak Base Camp
Sam Sam Fort Blackstone
Sela Sela Snowpeak Base Camp
Selene Selene Ursan Weald
Sinbad Sinbad Fort Blackstone
Sirin Sirin Traders Haven
Slim Slim Glumdoll Cemetery
The Spring Chicken Traders Haven
Swift Trouble in Forest Haven, Trail of Undead
Veit Veit Traders Haven, Fort Blackstone
Vigor Vigor Glumdoll Cemetery
Vora Vora Glumdoll Cemetery
Wren Dorkwood Fortress, Dorkwood Invasion
Wulf Lake Louie
Wyclef Wyclef Fort Blackstone
Zhara Zhara Traders Haven

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