The Laser Wand of the Cosmos can be found by killing an alien commander named P'l'Othozzz, He is most commonly farmed on the last dungeon of Alien Oasis 3: The Victory Lap.

Laser Wand of the Cosmos
Description Wand powered by the universe itself.
Location Alien Oasis 3: The Victory Lap
Type Unknown edit
Color Pink
Tradeable? Yes
Set Cyber Cosmos Set II

Item Bonuses

Requirements Bonuses
level stat str dex int hit crit dodge health h/s mana m/s damage armor
50 115 int     +11 +7% +3%     +4   +4   +4

Combat Stats

level damage speed dps
50 100-135 1.0 117.5

The following table shows the expected stats for a level 50 enchantress equipping this weapon:

Player stats Calculated combat stats
str dex int hit crit dodge h/s m/s damage dps DPM ZPM
1 1 252 99% 9% 2% 6 10 128 - 169 149 9773 30.54


  • DPM = Average damage per minute
  • ZPM = Zombies per minute - theoretical average number of zombies killed in one minute (assuming health of 320, ignoring dodge and armor)

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