Recipe Crafted item Required items
RECIPE: Fine Cloth Fabric Fine Cloth Fabric
RECIPE: Fine Leather Panel Fine Leather Panel
RECIPE: Fine Chain Sheet Fine Chain Sheet
RECIPE: Fine Plate Panel Fine Plate Mail Panel
RECIPE: Crossbow Body Crossbow Body Base
RECIPE: Recurve Bow Body Recurve Bow Body Base
RECIPE: Magic Bracer Basic Magic Bracer
RECIPE: Kite Shield Basic Kite Shield
RECIPE: Wing Shield Basic Wing Shield
RECIPE: Magician's Staff Basic Magician's Staff
RECIPE: Magician's Wand Basic Magician's Wand
RECIPE: Gemstone Setting Gemstone Setting
RECIPE: 1H Blade Basic 1H Blade
RECIPE: 2H Blade Basic 2H Blade
RECIPE: L.55 Custom Gemstone Leather Customized Gemstone Leather
RECIPE: L.55 Enchanted Gemstone Robe Enchanted Gemstone Robes
RECIPE: L.55 Fortified Gem Plate Armor Fortified Gemstone Plate
RECIPE: L.55 Custom Gem Helmet Customized Gemstone Cap
RECIPE: L.55 Enchanted Gemstone Helm Enchanted Gemstone Cowl
RECIPE: L.55 Fortified Gemstone Helm Fortified Gemstone Helm
RECIPE: L.55 Custom Gem Wing Shield Customized Gemstone Wing
RECIPE: L.55 Enchanted Gemstone Bracer Enchanted Gemstone Bracer
RECIPE: L.55 Fortified Gemstone Shield Fortified Gemstone Shield
RECIPE: L.55 Custom Gem Auto Crossbow Customized Gemstone Auto-Bow
RECIPE: L.55 Custom Gem Recurve Bow Customized Gemstone Recurve
RECIPE: L.55 Custom Gemstone Dagger Customized Gemstone Dagger
RECIPE: L.55 Custom Gemstone Talon Customized Gem Talon
RECIPE: L.55 Enchanted Gem Star Wand Enchanted Gem Star Wand
RECIPE: L.55 Enchanted Gem Blast Staff Enchanted Gem Blast Staff
RECIPE: L.55 Enchanted Gemstone Staff Enchanted Gemstone Staff
RECIPE: L.55 Enchanted Gemstone Wand Enchanted Gemstone Wand
RECIPE: L.55 Enchanted Gemstone Shard Enchanted Gem Shard Wand
RECIPE: L.55 Fortified Gem Battle Axe Fortified Gemstone Battle Axe
RECIPE: L.55 Fortified Gemstone Mace Fortified Gemstone Mace
RECIPE: L.55 Fortified Gemstone Sword Fortified Gemstone Sword
RECIPE: L.55 Fortified Gemstone 2H Sword Fortified Gem Battle Sword

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