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The variety of weapons an Enchantress can utilize are quite diverse. From wands, to staffs, to magical shields. You name it, we will list it!

Fire StaffsEdit

NameLevelInt RequiredDPSSpeedMax DmgMin DmgBonus StatsValue Sell/BuyDescriptionDroppedColor
Firebolt StaffFirebolt Staff15 Int +132.34733N/ASell For: 16gMagic staff of fireboltBeginner Enchantress SetGrey
Firebolt Staff of WisdomFirebolt Staff1959 Int +192.365513 IntSell For: 40gMagic staff of fireboltN/AWhite
Darkbolt Blaster of Mastery1960 Int2.461457 Int, 2% Dodge, 3% Hit, 1% Crit, 2 H/sAn enchanted weapon!Pink
Stormstrike Wand of Presence1960 Int1.855305 Int, 2% Hit41gIt was a dark and stormy night...Green
Witch's Darkbolt Blaster1960 Int2.461452 Int, 1% Hit, 1% Crit, 1 Armor52gAn enchanted weapon!Green
Wizard's Darkbolt Blaster1960 Int2.461452 Int, 1% Hit, 1 M/s, 1 Armor52gAn enchanted weapon!Green
Witch's Flaming Fireblaster1857 Int2.260372 Int, 1% Hit, 1% Crit, 2 Armor91gAn enchanted weapon!Green
Fire Wand of Smarts2475 Int1.852311 Int98gA flame flicking stick!White
Fire Wand of Smarts2371 Int1.851301 Int95A flame flicking stick!Grey
Fire Wand2475 Int1.85231A flame flicking stick!Grey