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Elixirs are special potions that boost player abilities in the game.

New Elixir SystemEdit

On 9th May 2011 Spacetime Studios announced new elixir system to replace the pre-existing set of elixirs. The new system was scheduled for release in Client Version 1.7.2.

Elixir Cost Duration
Experience Armor Damage Speed Luck
Melee Meade 2000 Gold 5 1.5x
Tankers' Ale Elixir 2000 Gold 5 1.5x
Playa's Potion 2000 Gold 5 1.5x
Trash Can Punch 7000 Gold 5 1.5x 1.5x 1.5x Fast Better
Hardcore Melee Meade 2 Platinum 5 2x
Hardcore Tankers' Ale Elixir 2 Platinum 5 2x
Hardcore Playa's Potion 2 Platinum 5 2x
Hardcore Trash Can Punch 6 Platinum 5 2x 2x 2x Faster Better
Crazy Melee Meade 6 Platinum 30 2x
Crazy Tankers' Ale Elixir 6 Platinum 30 2x
Crazy Playa's Potion 10 Platinum 30 2x
Crazy Dumpster Punch 16 Platinum 30 2x 2x 2x Faster Better
Insane Playa's Potion 6 Platinum 5 3x
Insane Trash Can Punch 10 Platinum 5 3x 3x 3x Fastest Better
Wicked Playa's Potion 30 Platinum 30 3x
Wicked Trash Can Punch 40 Platinum 30 3x 3x 3x Fastest Better

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