Item armor

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NameLevelInt RequiredArmorBonus StatsValue Sell/BuyDescriptionDroppedColor
Ordinary Cloth CloakOrdinary Cloth Cloak16 Int1N/ASell For: 4gLight cloth armorBeginner Enchantress SetGrey
Khafra Cloth of Mastery39124Int237Int, 2%Dodge, 3% Hit, 1% Crit, 2H/s, 2M/s125gPink
Khafra Cloth of Isis45142 Int
Khafra Cloth Of Thoth45142 IntPink
Blue Mage Garb of Wisdom1960 Int93 Int20gCloth armorWhite
Blue Magic Robes of Smarts2372 Int111 Int27gCloth armorWhite

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