Item helmet

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NameLevelDex RequiredArmorBonus StatsValue Sell/BuyDescriptionDroppedColor
Penguin Snowcap3093 Dex7N/ASell For: 36gAchilly cap for your head!The Lost ExpeditionGrey
Penguin Snowcap1031 Dex3Dex +3Sell For: 10gArmor for your head.The Lost ExpeditionWhite
Robber's Penguin Snowcap3093 Dex7Dex +1, Str +1Sell For: 38gAchilly cap for your head!The Lost ExpeditionOrange
Dead-eye Dervy35108 Dex8N/ASell For: 31gA croc-scale archer's helmetThe Ancient SwampsGrey
Robber's Dead-eye Dervy34105 Dex8Dex +1, Str +1Sell For: 33gA croc-scale archer's helmetThe Ancient SwampsOrange

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